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Ribbon Color YMCKO Evolis Badgy – PN: CBGP0001C
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30 Agt 2017
1 roll
IDR 598.000


Evolis Badgy Ribbon with Part Number CBGP0001C is an Evolis Badgy card printer kit kit. Evolis Badgy Ribbon has a YMCKO panel with 100 molds. The YMCKO ribbon that is included in the Evolis Badgy CBGP0001C Ribbon kit will print a combination of full color drawings and single color text or barcode.

The included CRC PVC card is the most commonly used standard plastic card size, measuring 3.375 '' x 2.125 '' with a thickness of 30 miles, the card is the same size as a standard credit card.

To maximize print card quality and printer durability, use only original and original Evolis Badgy CBGP0001C Ribbon equipment. The use of ribbons other than the original original ribbon ribbon used on Evolis Badgy can seriously damage your Evolis Badgy card print card printhead, and may void your manufacturer's warranty.

We are an authorized Evolis reseller specializing in card printing card id products. In addition, We guarantee that our ribbon ribbon and Evolis CBGP0001C card kit are original and original Evolis supplies.

Evolis CBGP0001C Consumable Kit Specifications:

Evolis CBGP0001C YMCKO color ribbon and CR8030 module card supplies for Badgy100 and Badgy200 printers - 100 molds

Evolis CBGP0001C kit includes:

YMCKO color band, capable of printing 100 cards
100 - 30 mil thick PVC card 100%
Evolis CBGP0001C supplies kit is used for Evolis Badgy100 and Badgy200 card printers

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